Use The Hub group in HookedIn—a LinkedIn-like networking platform developed by Texas Exes—to find, reach out to, and collaborate with other Longhorn media makers, including UT alumni, current staff, and students from Radio-Television-Film and across campus.

Getting Started:
Using HookedIn:
  1. Create a HookedIn account. Save your login info. (The platform was designed after Facebook so it should feel familiar.)

  2. Make sure your profile includes any websites (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube Channels, etc) and social media links that you want to share. 

  3. Review your notifications: Click on the arrow beside your image>Settings>Notifications. We recommend leaving on all notifications as there won't be an overwhelming amount of them, and you'll be up-to-date with any announcements and opportunities.

  4. Request to join The Hub group - uthookedin.com/groups/55/feed

  5. Allow one-three business days for approval.

  6. Once you are accepted to the group, add yourself to the Longhorn Production Directory by posting an image to all of the appropriate albums under "Photos." Upload a headshot, a still from your portfolio, your resume, or even an image with your name and role (e.g., Jane Smith – Cinematographer, RTF ’22) and then others in the group can find you (it'll link to your profile page). Peruse these same albums for collaborators!

  7. Feel free to announce yourself in the feed.

  8. Let us know if you have questions or feedback about HookedIn.