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Actors for Advanced Narrative Production Project

Seeking: Cast Call for Advanced Narrative Production Project!!!

Potential Shoot Date: 3 - 4 Days Between 10/21 & 10/26

Contact Name: Samantha Josch, prod; Colin Pham, dir.

Phone Number: 8176943275

Description: !! Cast Call for UT Advanced Narrative Production Project !! "God, Golf, and Glory" is a mockumentary following Sister Sharon, a Nun who is still young at heart, and Father McGrady, a Priest who values tradition, through the colorful world of their Church’s annual putt putt mini-golf tournament.

Sister Sharon/Female Lead/40+ A Nun in her 50s who is still young at heart. Friendly, warm, and genuine, but a little obsessed with online validation. Stipend provided. Golf experience preferred.

Father McGrady/Male Lead/40+ Middle-aged, and even older at heart. A grumpy Priest who is set in his old, traditional ways. Stipend provided. Golf experience preferred.

Autumn/Aaron/Lead/8-14 Looking for child to play role of over-confident golf prodigy. For audition, accepting any comedic monologue/scene up to applicants' jurisdiction. (1-2 minutes). Include mention if applicant has any experience with golf. Stipend provided.

Jenna/Female Supporting/14-19 Independent and not easily fooled. Not impressed by Ben and Father McGrady's antics.

Ben/Male Supporting/14-19 An overly-dedicated follower of Father McGrady. Takes what he and the church says a little too seriously. Way too eager.


Potential Shoot dates are between October 21st - October 26th in the Austin, TX area.

To begin the audition process, please email a video of you introducing yourself, including name, age, and experience, and discussing why you are interested in this role and send to Thank you!

UT Affiliation: Student


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