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Actors for Commercials and Infomercials (paid)

Seeking: Acting in Commercials and Infomercials

Potential Shoot Date: Next Week

Contact Name: Daniel Armani

Phone Number: 517.402.2026

Description: We need some young actors and actresses between 18 and 25 to play some roles in a few commercials and infomercials for PaperScore and TeammateMe. The compensation for each shooting is between $300 and $500. For the first video, we need an actress to play the role of a news anchor. The video is about 3 minutes but shooting may take around one hour. There is a teleprompter, but we prefer you memorize the script as much as possible. No experience is required for this first video. Please send your resume and headshots to Auditions will be held online over zoom.

UT Affiliation: None


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