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Actors & Make up artist for Short Film

My name is Danny Motta and I am a film student from Ithaca College. I am directing a short film for my thesis August 13th-15th, and we are currently looking for actors and a makeup artist. We are shooting in Carrizozo, NM and therefore would offer a hotel room and travel compensation for anyone who would require it.

A brief synopsis about the film: Set in the 1800's, an outlaw gang returns to camp after pulling off a massive heist. Tension brews throughout the camp as Alex, the youngest of the outlaws, finds himself disturbed by the brutality of their latest job. The leader, Ambrose, tries to console Alex, and explains that every action they take, no matter how cruel, is for the good of their reputation. Alex now finds himself terrified of the gang he once called a family and feels the weight of his life's decisions finally closing in on him.

We are looking for four male actors:

Alex: 20s, thin, white, soft features. A once naive and wide-eyed boy whose enthusiasm for the outlaw life has abruptly dissipated.

Ambrose: 50s, A towering, intimidating man with intense eyes and hard features. A veteran outlaw with a commanding presence.

Michael: 40s, burly, rugged. A compulsive drinker who doesn't get along well with anyone.

Straw: 40s-50s, lean, sparse hair. Straw's mind has fried after decades of baking under the sun. His sanity is loose, and his energy is wild.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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