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AFF Internships

As the beginning of 2022 approaches, several internship positions are opening up here within the Conference Department. This internship is mainly angled toward students who have an interest in communications, or event planning. But, this internship could very well apply to someone who simply has a passion for film, and a curiosity for the inner workings of a film festival that draws people from all over the world.

This position involves conducting research about industry trends, and potential Conference topics/speakers, as well as carefully compiling that research. It also involves writing potential content for AFF’s website, and assisting with marketing efforts. During our Festival which takes place in October, Conference interns have the unique opportunity to act as Room Managers for panel events.

More details about the Conference internship can be found on our website, at this link:

A Workwolf Assessment is required to fill out our application, that can be completed here:

If someone is interested in filling out an application, they can do that here:

Our internship start date is January 3, 2022.


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