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AFF: Theater Manager, Projectionist, Film Liaison & QC.

The Festival runs from Oct 21-28, over a number of downtown venues and at the Galaxy.

Theater Manager: The Theater Manager is responsible for managing a team of AFF volunteers, executing all AFF line and Front of House policies in an orderly and timely manner, ensuring crowd control and a smooth screening. Excellent communication and organizational skills and the ability to work well under pressure are a must. Time commitment would be 3-4 6 hour shifts.

Projectionist: The projectionist would be responsible for the successful presentation of films throughout the week of the Festival. Additional duties include quality checking films and conducting technical checks. Time commitment would be 3-4 6 hour shifts.

Film Liaison: A Filmmaker Liaison serves as the Festival’s primary contact for a number of filmmakers and acts as their primary source for answers to questions that arise during the Festival. Liaisons are responsible for getting filmmakers through initial registration at the Festival, arranging transportation (if confor to get filmmakers to their Festival specific events: ensuring filmmakers appear at their screenings, sound checks, and press events. You would be assigned to 2 feature filmmakers or a block of short filmmakers.

We also need QCers, but this perk would depend on hours worked instead of shifts

QC: Hours: QC Volunteers must be able to commit AT LEAST one 3hr shift per week, but may be able to work up to four depending on desired badge level.

Volunteer Description: This is a great opportunity to get volunteer hours prior to the festival and earn a 2021 Austin Film Festival Badge! Quality Checkers are a vital part in ensuring the best possible experience for our filmmakers and audiences. Quality Checkers are required to watch films from beginning to end and document any sound or picture issues. QCers must have an understanding of acceptable screening standards, and be able to identify visual and audio problems ranging anywhere from color issues and image skipping, pixilation, stuttering or sound and picture lag, odd aspect ratios or changes in aspect ratio over the course of a film, to uneven sound levels, sound pops or drop outs. QC shifts are available Mon- Fri, 12p-3p, 3p-6p, 6p-9p and Sat-Sun, 12p-3p or 3p-6p.

Badge Levels (for QC ONLY!):

- 80 hrs, Producers Badge (4-5 shifts/week)

- 65 hrs, Conference Badge (3-4 shifts/week)

- 50 hrs, Weekend Badge (3 shifts/week)

- 30 hrs, Lonestar Badge (2 shifts/week)

- 15 hrs, Film Pass (1 shift/week)


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