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Audio/Video editor

Seeking: Intern

Compensation: Will pay in doge

Dates Needed: ASAP

Contact Name: Brenton Otis

Phone Number: 3256698374

Description: Seeking audio/video editor for video podcast series; Could become long-term deal if you (and I) are both up for it, otherwise would be short-term/for the first episode or two; Goal is to have my first episode ready to go by 06/15 (go-live/first episode to be promoted 07/01 but, fun fact, takes Apple podcast ~two weeks to be approved).

Backend/frontend/hosting/recording/branding etc. etc. all there and have a few episodes recorded thus far/local files in hand - just don't have the time/patience to learn audio/video editing on the fly and would prefer to work with someone local vs. the fiverr/upwork route.

Ideally you've got a little familiarity with video podcast editing, but if not and you think you could easily pick it up, I'm still interested in hearing from you! Bonus points if you can show me an example of your prior work - doesn't have to be a crazy portfolio or anything like that. Joking about the doge (sorta - I'm down if you want that - would recommend a non-meme coin maybe/though)? I can/will pay you, even in good ole' USD, but I'm just a random dude finally moving forward with a passion project - please keep that in mind :) Let's chat and see where we're at! Best way to get me is via text and we can setup a time to talk. Help me help you help me make the world a better place! Cheers - Brenton - 325.669.8374


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