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Austin Film Festival Volunteers

We're seeking volunteers who want to help the Austin Film Festival run as smoothly as possible and become involved in the inner workings of one of the country's largest film festivals. In the Film Department, we have two unpaid positions we're working on filling with as many volunteers as we can. The hours are somewhat flexible and can be compatible with a student's schedule, with most of the projectionist's shifts falling in the week of the festival (Oct. 27th-Nov. 3rd).

Depending on hours worked, volunteers can earn anything from a Film Badge up to a Producers Badge. The Producer's Badge grants access to every panel, select parties and networking events, and priority entry for all eight days of screenings!

Quality Checker: Quality Checkers are key in ensuring the best possible experience for our filmmakers and audiences. QCers are required to watch films from beginning to end and document any sound or picture issues. QCers must understand acceptable screening standards and be able to identify visual and audio problems ranging anywhere from color issues and image skipping, pixelation, stuttering, or sound and picture lag, odd aspect ratios or changes in aspect ratio over the course of a film, to uneven sound levels or sound pops or dropouts. QC shifts are 3hrs long and volunteers can take as many in a given week as they want, from now until the festival. These shifts are highly flexible and can be organized on a schedule that works for you! Projectionist: The projectionist would be responsible for the successful presentation of films. Their job begins in the lead-up to the festival with a few QC shifts and continues with 4 shifts throughout the week of the Festival. Additional duties include quality checking films and conducting technical checks. Qualifications: - Must have some experience with digital projection. - Strong technical knowledge. - Working knowledge of digital formats. - Working knowledge of standard film aspect ratios. - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. - Patience and ability to remain calm under pressure. Projectionists are essential to ensuring that the AFF runs smoothly. Generally screening the films is relatively simple, but if a situation arises, having a capable troubleshooter at the theater makes all the difference. Volunteers in this key role earn, at a minimum, a Lone Star Badge. Volunteers are a vital part of festival operations. If working with a group of motivated and like-minded individuals to ensure the smooth operation of the AFF sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, send us an email at indicating your desired role and your availability.


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