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Cast members for a Comedy-Drama Web Series

Seeking: Cast/Actors

Potential Shoot Date: 09/01/2022

Contact Name: Andy Chen Yang

Phone Number: 4696672709

Description: Hey All, I am a UT Engineering Alumni who is looking for Cast members for a Comedy-Drama Web Series called Where the Stars Are. Where the Stars Are is a proposed 6-Episode (6 mins each) Comedy-Drama Web Series to be published on YouTube. The series is a cross between La La Land and Fresh Off the Boat with a High School Musical vibe.

Jane Liang is a UT Pre-Med student suffering from social anxiety and has difficulty finding herself a boyfriend. Derek Wu is a UT ECE student who hates the idea of becoming a code monkey and just wants to make movies. Their two paths collide at a party both are invited by their roommates, where they learn about their mutual desire to become artists and dream to reach "where the stars are" - LA. Soon they grow closer and learn more about each other, as well as share in the pain of their pasts, leading to a story about Love, Loss, Acceptance, and Finding one's path.

I am currently casting for the following roles:

JANE LIANG, AGE 18-24, anywhere from 5'1'' to 5'8'' preferably Chinese American but Asian American is okay as well. A Pre-Med undergrad burdened with the expectations of her Asian parents. She is driven by an intense passion for Music/Singing/Guitar and aspires to be a big time Musician living in LA. She suffers from Social Anxiety, causing her to avoid parties and big events, but ends up developing a deep connection with DEREK after meeting at a party. Actor should be able to play Acoustic Guitar as well as Sing.

DEREK WU, AGE 18-24, 5'6'' and above, preferably Chinese American but Asian American is okay as well. An Engineering undergrad with a knack for creativity and Filmmaking. A bit dorky, but also a hopeless romantic, he also wants to free himself from the shackles of the expectations of his parents. He wants to move to LA as well as a Filmmaker and Director, and develops a deep connection with JANE after meeting at a party. Actor should be able to do some brief Singing.

STEPHANIE MEYER, AGE 18-24, 5'1'' to 5'8'', preferably Asian American but also open to Caucasian, LatinX, etc. She is JANE's Roommate and confidante in all Jane's woes throughout the story. Understanding, calm, and connected, she serves as Jane's voice of reason and tries to get her to break free from her shackles from the wants and needs of her parents.

MATTHEWS ROY, AGE 18-24, 5'8'' and above, specifically Indian American. Derek's extremely charismatic and witty roommate. A ladies man and one of the nicest guy's alive, Matthews is the center of attention in any room and is Derek's biggest supporter in getting him a girlfriend. Should be a cool dude, a bro, someone everyone likes to chat with.

Please let me know if you fit the above casting criteria and are interested. Thanks! :)

UT Affiliation: Alumn


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