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Content Creator

Seeking: Employee

Compensation: $5000

Dates Needed: March/April 2022

Contact Name: Andrew Doobay

Phone Number: 5125850519

Description: Hi there! My name is Andrew Doobay. I'm a Realtor in Austin, Texas. I have leaned on social media content as a lever to generate business for myself, but I am looking to elevate my content to something more consumer based. Right now I have done well with TikToks and memes and I have a decent following on both Instagram and Tik tok (Tik Tok 3k: @thegayrealestateagent / IG 6k: @thegayrealestateguy). My hope is to partner with someone who can shoot roughly 40-50 videos for me, all within 30-120 seconds each, as well as edit the videos. I would need title graphics added and potentially background music to the majority of these videos. Half of the videos will be in a 'Between Two Ferns' interview style format, so we can bang those out pretty quickly. If you have resources where I can access a location to film this in, bonus. Otherwise, I would figure it out. I don't own a camera, lighting or mics. I would hope to film these relatively quickly - four (or five) shooting days over the course of two weeks Tues/Wed. I used to write, direct and produce short films back in the day, so I will have copy written, and everything planned out going into this. If you have your own logo or graphics promoting your own brand, I'm more than happy to add that at the end of these videos so you can also network within the Austin real estate community and build your own business off of this as well. My hope is that these videos last me until mid summer and I batch produce the same level of content in July/August and pay the same amount again, hopefully with the same you! More professionally shot content creation is very big in my industry and my Instagram following is largely local realtors. Please take a look at my realtor friend's IG page - @krysbenyamein. I am hoping to come close to the quality of his material, both in substance and style. If this sounds of interest to you, please email me over any of your previous work and a blurb about yourself, where you are at in your education and why you think this would be a good fit for you! Looking forward to chatting.


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