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Earth Connection Film Festival

The Earth Connection Film Festival is geared toward supporting filmmakers to create radical new solutions to address the climate crisis through storytelling. The festival awards $12,000 in screening fees and $5,250 in prizes to the winning films.

This National Science Foundation (NSF) funded short film contest blends science and the arts unleashes the power of storytelling to help channel our ideas of climate change to a more actionable, empowering space. Research has shown that in the United States, adults tend to frame climate change as a distant phenomenon, an ineffective framework for action. Areas such as ethics, morality and spirituality have shown much greater promise for encouraging climate action and appealing to broad swaths of society.

This film contest is seeking multimedia submissions related to the ethics, morality and spirituality of the climate crisis. The guiding questions are drawn from cutting-edge social scientific research and reflect the general consciousness of adult Americans across a broad swath of identities. Winners in each category will be used as the catalyst in a national NSF-funded research study. The climate crisis relies on many people offering their diverse talents and skills to bring solutions to the table.

The arts play a critical role. Please help us build action and radical hope by offering your submission and unique art.

The Early Bird Deadline is April 5, 2024 and the regular deadline is May 5, 2024.


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