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Hedy Lamarr Achievement Award for Emerging Leaders in Entertainment Technology

The Digital Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the eighth annual "Hedy Lamarr Achievement Award for Emerging Leaders in Entertainment Technology." The Award (up to $10,000) recognizes a female college student in their junior year whose studies in the fields of entertainment and technology have shown exceptional promise.  


Austrian-American actress Hedy Lamarr, a Hollywood legend, was also a lifelong inventor whose innovative work included pioneering "frequency hopping" which became the foundation for radio guidance which she and composer George Antheil patented in 1942, and is utilized today for a variety of cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications.  


To help us honor Ms. Lamarr and women who may follow in her footsteps by achieving entertainment and technological advancements, the DEG is reaching out to a small number of academic institutions that we believe offer areas of study supporting the amalgamation of entertainment and technology. 


The application deadline is Friday, March 29, 2024.   


You can find a link to the application here, and it is also attached for your convenience. More information is available on our website:


Please feel free to contact if you have questions or would like more information about the Awards Program or application process.  


We greatly appreciate your consideration. 


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