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Intern to Create Content for YouTube

Seeking: Intern

Compensation: $15/hr

Dates Needed: Open now - indefinite

Contact Name: Alex Milan

Phone Number: 510-862-7573

Description: We’re looking for an RTF intern with an interest in YouTube to help us create and publish content. As a manufacturer of craft bar syrups with a sizable direct-to-consumer business, our marketing efforts are largely focused on content marketing and helping our consumers explore the possibilities of crafting cocktails at home. Our content is a mix of entertainment and information and includes cocktail recipes, how-to courses, and product reviews. We post to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

If you have a passion for content creation and are interested in how video content is created in a business environment, you could be the perfect fit! Example of a recent YouTube post: A little about Liber We’re a small business that formed in 2011 with the goal of creating premium quality cocktail syrups for the world’s top bars. Today, with 16 syrups and counting, we sell to hundreds of bars and restaurants across the country and have a large direct-to-consumer presence on both Shopify and Amazon.

We’re growing fast(!), and are focused on accelerating that growth through marketing and brand building. We’re a millennial-run business with a handful of graduates from UT Austin. We are friendly, kind, honest, and love to learn. We have a casual and fun work environment that is supported by the trust that we all have a relentless desire to push the company forward. We are open and communicative with one another and always assume the best intentions.

We keep normal work hours from 9a-5p and respect each other's off-hours. We’re an equal opportunity employer and believe that a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences are critical to our success. We’re passionate about creating a welcoming, supportive and collaborative work environment. In this role, you’ll be working directly with Alex who handles the majority of our marketing initiatives, in addition to the founders, Adam, Robert & Chris. Alex is a graduate of UT’s RTF program and has a long history in the film & TV world. He loves breakfast food, classic books, and can be found playing Fortnite on his iPad. Adam and Robert are identical twins, Robert studied philosophy and government at UT, and Adam studied philosophy and economics. They both love sports—basketball the most. They also both have ADORABLY sweet babies that they will likely want to show you pictures of. Chris studied biology at UT and is a man of MANY talents. He is part-woodworker, part-scientist, part-chef, part-architect, part-basketball player, get the point. What you’ll be doing: Assisting with the shooting of YouTube content. Using DaVinci Resolve (it's similar to Premiere Pro or Avid) to edit YouTube videos. Assisting with the publication of content to YouTube. If this sounds like a great environment and position for you, we’d love for you to reach out. Thank you for reading, and we hope to hear from you!


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