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iPhone Filmmaking Initiative

Festival Name: iPhone Filmmaking Initiative

Submission Deadline: 4/19/2023

Festival Dates: 6/1

Submission Fee: 40 - 80 depending on early or standard timeline.

Location: Online

Description: DCP iPhone Filmmaking Initiative An initiative to promote independent filmmaking using the iPhones as a tool to achieve exemplary artistic visions.

Phase 1: In Phase1, participating filmmakers will submit a synopsis/treatment and pitch of their proposed 3-5 minute short film shot on the iPhone 14 Pro. The community will select 6 finalists from these submissions. These 6 finalists will receive an iPhone 14 Pro, a compatible dual lav mic setup, $500 for production (to be invoiced back to DCP) and will be considered for networking opportunities. They will also be eligible to submit thier finished film in Phase 2. Phase 1 winners will be tasked with shooting their films using the equipment and budget provided by DCP.

Phase 2: The 6 Phase 1 finalists may submit their completed 3-5 minute short films shot on the iPhone 14 Pro they received. These films will be voted on by the DCP community. The filmmaker of the best voted film will receive, in addition to the Phase 1 Awards, a Macbook pro, $1500, and eligible for networking opportunities, and promotions.

Phase 1 Pitch Materials: All Phase 1 entrants must submit, at a minimum, a 1-2 page treatment and a pitch video in either selfie format or voiceover of reference materials for community review. Submitters may submit any additional material that they wish to pitch their project to the community.

Subject Matter:

Filmmakers treatment must be derived one from the following prompts:

HERO - submit a treatment about a hero in your life.

LEARNING - submit a treatment about meaningful learning experiences in your life. OVERCOME - submit a treatment about an obstacle that you, or someone you know, has overcome.

Award Rules All filmmakers are eligible. All films proposal must have target runtimes between 3 to 5 minutes All films should try to tell a complete story - the award is open to abstract entries across genres following the prompts above.

All films must either be in the English language or have English subtitles All films must adhere to the General Rules & Instructions found in the Terms of Service are eligible to apply

Submitters must submit a pitch video which may include: Who you are as a filmmaker Why is this film important to you and the world? Who are your influences as a filmmaker? What was your approach to telling this story and why did you choose to approach it in this way? Submissions must include a treatment with visual references and tone A logline A synopsis Cover art for the project listing and supporting imagery Consider including in your proposals: Animatic Ripo-matic Pre-vis Storyboards Additional materials are permitted but not required.


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