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Jr Editor Internship

Seeking: Intern

Compensation: $15/hr

Dates Needed: May/June - undetermined

Contact Name: Evangeline Carpenter

Phone Number: 8067303800

Description: JR. EDITOR INTERN (AUSTIN, TX) Feel like you’re always five steps ahead of the rest of the Internet? Think you’ve got what it takes to turn out the next Guy-With-Wandering-Eye Meme or the next (even more importantly) Keyboard Cat? You just might have the right stuff to join theCHIVE. Chive Media Group is a multi-platform digital media and eCommerce company. The company’s flagship brand, theCHIVE, is home to the world’s funniest photo galleries and viral videos, reaching more than 20 million people each month and amassing over 5 billion content views annually. theCHIVE has built an incredible online/offline community through its focus on being a positive escape on the internet. The company’s eCommerce site, The Chivery, is a content-driven commerce site that has sold over 5 million t-shirts and apparel items since its launch in 2011. The company’s 501(c)3 Chive Charities has raised over $17M through flash-donation campaigns for orphaned causes. We are here to entertain the masses and help people. We’re looking for a hardworking, creative, personality to make, manage, and curate content for “Probably the Best Site on the Internet.”

Here’s the skinny: Your job, should you choose to accept it, will be to sift through the massive sea of content that makes people’s days just a little bit brighter. We’re talking weeding through the good, the bad, and the ugly to craft the best, most viral gems imaginable. Stuff that people love. Stuff that people share. Stuff that haunts their dreams. Wait, nix that last part. Not only should you be able to spot trending content, you must be driven & innovative enough to produce your own original content as well. You should know how to be amusing in both meme and written form. A taller task than you might imagine. We want somebody who can break the Internet while also lending a hand to multiple facets of the company. *This role is located in Austin, Tx - Not remote


-Make daily content (multiple postings a day) and make it good.

-Maintain some sense of what’s cool, sexy, funny, interesting, and most importantly, in theCHIVE’s voice. (We can teach you the ways, but if you already know how we sound, you’ll probably get preferential treatment).

-Be familiar with basic copyright law and able to create content safely within its bounds.

-Have a keen eye for what’s viral.

-Maintain a Social Media presence across all platforms for both theCHIVE and Chive Nation. -Support our community generally. They’re good people! No really, Chive Nation, they actually are.

-Find and reach out to content creators for brand aligned media.

-Moderate comments and interact with the throngs of fans you’ll no doubt get with such a huge audience.

-Pitch trends happening on social (especially TikTok) that we could quickly shoot and post.

-Have a nimble a flexible mindset to make changes as the times and trends evolve.


-A competent understanding of the English language (grammar, for starters).

-Experience with all channels of Social Media, and making content that pops on each.

-WordPress (or similar CMS) and Photoshop (not mandatory, but helpful).

-Detail Oriented, ability to focus on several aspects of the company.

-Mad Excel skills.


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