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Lead content manager & cofounder

Seeking: Employee

Compensation: 5% Equity & $600 A Month

Dates Needed: On Going.

Contact Name: Bradley Luzietti

Phone Number: 9033124935

Description: RTF Students, We are in the processes of starting a Texas-wide ecommerce company and are looking for someone to join us as lead content manager and also as a cofounder. Our company is focused on increasing the popularity of shopping local. We plan on achieving our mission by building a brand that consistently promotes quality Texan products and services. We are looking for someone who wants an opportunity to get experience, add to their portfolio, and stick with us long term as a cofounder. The initial phase of the company is solely focused on creating content and selling products that increase awareness of our brand and mission. Once we have enough awareness, we will expand our focus to retail stores and higher-ticket products. The lead content manager will be responsible for helping us film, edit, produce, and publish content for our platforms. We have a schedule of content to be published each week and we film our material on the weekends.

This position will require at least 10 hours a week. In the beginning the workload will be light and this position will be more of assistance to us, but once we start monetizing in the coming months the pay will increase as the workload increases. Position will also be given 5% ownership of the company. If interested in this position, please contact us at 903-312-4935 or my email address to learn more. Thank you.


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