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Little Wing Film Festival

Little Wing Film Festival is a BIFA-qualifying grassroots film festival for students, graduates, and first-time filmmakers, with an emphasis on creating more accessible and sustainable pathways for young people breaking into the industry. We began as a movement to combat the expectation of unpaid work to break into the industry, and how this disadvantages people who don't have the privilege of working unpaid. By making the industry more accessible and sustainable, we want to create space and pathways for progress for people from working-class and underrepresented backgrounds. This is our fifth year, and this year's prizes include BBC Film advice sessions, film financing mentorship, Dropbox licenses and FinalDraft screenwriting software - to name a few. We want to curate prizes that support the filmmakers in tangible ways, facilitating future projects and fostering career growth.

In a similar approach to last year's festival, we appreciate that this has been a very difficult time for students and graduates, and don't want finances being a barrier to engaging with festivals and continuing to champion their film. We'd love to encourage your students to submit with the fee and deadline waiver code SupportStudentsLWFF on FilmFreeway here

Our current deadline is July 18 however this waiver extends the deadline to the 31st.


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