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(PAID) Cinematographer for Feature Film

Seeking: Cinematographer for Feature Film

Potential Shoot Date: 5/15 – 5/16, 6/9 – 6/15, 6/17 – 6/18, 6/27 – 7/2, 7/6 – 7/9, 7/14 – 7/15, 8/5

Contact Name: Leslie Ben Hamilton

Phone Number: 214-801-0127

Description: Make a movie with us this summer! This is an amazing opportunity for a gifted visual storyteller to jump-start his/her/their career by shooting a brilliant feature film. Alumn, entering MCW Fellow and award-winning Director to collaborate with students and volunteers to put interesting characters and a never-been-seen plot on screen. The script has just the right amount of edge and a good heart, dealing with postpartum depression, its survivors, and a possible way forward. This is a paid opportunity in the micro-budget realm. Please contact me directly for details, 214-801-0127.

UT Affiliation: Alumn


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