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Seeking: Producer

Potential Shoot Date: May 16 - 21

Contact Name: Katy McCarthy

Phone Number: 707-363-7473

Description: "The Violinist" Low-budget indie narrative short Seeking: Co-producer. Paid. $1500. About: A conservative Texas state senator struggles with his anti-abortion stance after being kidnapped and surgically connected to a violinist whom he must keep alive with his own body for nine months. The film has already received a $7K grant from AFS. We will be fundraising and crowdsourcing the rest this spring. I have already done a lot of the work towards location scouting, script breakdown, and identifying some key crew. But I am looking for a collaborator who is more familiar with the Austin film scene, has good connections for additional crew, and especially can help during the shoot week (6 days in mid May 2022) You learn about the project here: for the script.

UT Affiliation: Faculty/Staff


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