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(STUDENT) Location Sound Recordist for Feature Film

Potential Shoot Date: 4/1 – 4/2, 5/15 – 5/16, 6/12 – 6/17, 6/27 – 7/2, 7/8 – 7/9, 7/15 – 7/16, 8/5 – 8/6, 8/12 – 8/13, 8/1

Contact Name: Leslie Ben Hamilton

Phone Number: 214-801-0127

Description: Are you interested in working on a feature? We seek a Sound Mixer, (as well as Extras and a Social Media Guru) to get this microbudget internal drama in the can.

Entering MCW Fellow and award-winning director will collaborate with student volunteers and interns. Obsessed for years with inventing time travel to stop herself from making a life-altering mistake, a physicist finally succeeds at 70 only to arrive after her daughter's death and become trapped with her suicidal younger self. Together, she must learn self-love in order to survive.

UT Affiliation: Student


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