SXSW Live Channel Technical Director

SXSW Live Channel Technical Director

The Channel Technical Director (TD) is responsible for the video playout of one of SXSW’s live, linear channels. During SXSW’s first-run broadcast, the Channel TD will control what live feeds and video assets are played out to the online audience. The Channel TD will work primarily on a video switcher, along with a video playback PC. The Channel TD will switch exclusively between the LIVE feeds from ballrooms & venues, and pre-recorded video playback. The Channel TD will be in constant communication with the Master Control Director and Venue TDs throughout the day.

Essential knowledge & proficiencies:

Broadcast cueing

Using a hardware switcher (Newtek Tricaster familiarity preferred but not required)

Playback app (Playdeck for PC familiarity preferred but not required)


3/6-3/10(1 director needed)

3/6, 3/11-3/19

Time commitment:

~8-12 hours per day


$400/day + SXSW Platinum badge

SXSW Editor Editors are responsible for preparing SXSW event content for video presentation to our Online audience over our OTT and web apps. Primarily this role consists of trimming video content, adding bumper assets, and exporting the finished product. Due to the live nature of our event, editors must work quickly and efficiently in order to deliver content within short turnarounds. Essential knowledge & proficiencies: Non-linear edit software (Premiere Pro familiarity required) Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects & Audition familiarity preferred but not required) PC experience preferred