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(UNPAID) Lead Actor for Short Film

Seeking: Lead Actor for Short Film

Potential Shoot Date: June 3-5

Contact Name: Reese Avery

Phone Number: 5094969331

Description: Amateur Short film Unpaid - but meals, snacks, and drinks will be provided on-site by the production team. June 3rd-5th

LOGLINE: An impressionistic meditation on a relationship falling apart, led by visual storytelling and ambient soundscapes. This project is being produced by recent graduates of the Austin Film Society's Creative Careers program.

LEIGH (25-35) Tall, bearded, grizzled. Exhausted from the endless nocturnal hours of his food truck job, he deadens himself with booze and distraction, oblivious to the state of his failing relationship. *Must be comfortable being shirtless.*

UT Affiliation: Student


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