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Seeking: Intern

Compensation: 1000

Dates Needed: 05/01

Contact Name: Ryan Tanel

Phone Number: 9728359931

Description: We are going to be shooting a marketing video for our Apartment renovation company and need someone to come out and shoot some video of our team doing a renovation of a 32 unit apartment complex. This video will have a few parts to it: The building is in Gonzales TX, so we are going to spend 1 day on site at the apartment building in Gonzales for about 5-6 hours gathering footage. This will be in April or May coming up. This is the "Before" Footage. The total length of the finished video (including before and after footage) will be about 3-4 minutes and is considered "The Feature". We will have a second day of shooting for the Feature where we go out to the project (5-6 hours on site in Gonzales) once the building is finished being renovated for the "After" shots, and go back through each shot we did originally, but show how the building looks now once it is finished being renovated. This will be about 6 months from now, likely in October or November. Then, we will take all of the footage from the before and after shoots and create small social media clips for Tic Tok, Youtube Shorts, etc. and create 15-30 second clips of the before and after for each section of the renovation. i.e. "Here is the before for the counter tops... And here is the after. They cost $2,000 to replace and will generate an extra $50 / month in revenue" etc. We will also be shooting 4 client testimonials to put on our website which can be shot in a clients home, or a site in Austin, or location TBD. Each of these will end up being 30 - 60 seconds of client/investor interviews documentary style. We can provide Camera equipment for the shoot if needed, but you would need to provide editing equipment. The total budget for this project to be paid out is between $1,000 - $4,000 depending on experience, quality of previous video projects, and team members joining. We expect the total time requirement for the project will be between 40-80 hours of work. Here is an example of something we had in mind:


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