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Wedding Videographer

Compensation: $800-$1000 depending on experience and scope of work

Dates Needed: 06/04/21-06/05/21

Contact Name: Hannah Bush

Phone Number: 972 935 3210

Description: *Class of '14 bride and groom looking to hire a RTF major to capture wedding day magic* My fiancé and I are getting married in Austin on June 5, 2021. As a Moody College alumna, I know firsthand how talented the students are and love the idea of hiring a Longhorn to be our wedding videographer. We are not looking for a fancy cinematic production but rather a 'home movie' type feel. You know, the kind of wedding video that your parents made you watch when you were little. Our ideal hire is energetic, fun and obviously knows how to operate a camera. Bonus points if you can charm parents and grandparents. Hook 'em.


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