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Actors for Directing Workshop

Seeking: Casting Call for Royal Tenenbaums (1 Male & 1 Female)

Potential Shoot Date: September through October

Contact Name: Mauro Vela

Phone Number: 8325263114

Description: Casting Call for Scene from "Royal Tenenbaums" This Wes Anderson film has a lot of character with actors like Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Bill Murray. This is a great opportunity to create our own take on some very interesting material. I'm a Film student at UT, currently producing a scene from the film as an exercise for class. The scene will be shot on HD with a crew. The final product will be showcased to other UT MFA student directors who will be producing a variety of shorts in Austin over the next three years. Needed: 1 Male (20-30), any ethnicity 1 Female (20-30), any ethnicity Commitment: 3-4 Rehearsals: September through October (I can work around schedules) In Class Scene Work: September 19th, Evening 1 Day Shoot: Tuesday, October 11th Compensation: DVD or Quicktime copy provided of the final edited product.

UT Affiliation: Student


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