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Cast for Short Film

Seeking: Cast

Potential Shoot Date: April 10, 11, 12, 13

Contact Name: Kiara Vasquez

Phone Number: (956)638-8477

NAME: A Friend’s Guide to Love

DIRECTOR: Marlon Rubio Smith

TYPE: Student, unpaid. Crafty and credit provided.

LOGLINE: A young man will help his friend overcome his insecurities on his quest to catch his crush's attention.

SHOOT DATES: Sunday, April 10th - Wednesday, April 13th.


COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Proof of COVID vaccination required + masks required on set


BEN (male, 18-21 years old, medium-height, any ethnicity) is a generous friend, who wants to see the people around him succeed. He can be friendly with trustworthy people but extremely reserved with strangers.

JACK (male, 18-21 years old, muscular, any ethnicity) is a smart, physically strong guy yet extremely shy. He can be fun with close friends but finds himself uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations.

CAROLYN (female, 18-21 years old, any ethnicity) is super extroverted and fun to be with. She notices the little details and is not afraid to live new experiences.

Please email headshot, resume, reel, and any other materials to by Tue April 5th for consideration. In the subject line, use your name followed by the role you would like to audition for. Thank you!

UT Affiliation: Student


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