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Potential Shoot Date: Nov 1st-Nov 6th

Contact Name: Marlon Rubio Smith

Phone Number: 3462321764


NAME: I’m New

DIRECTOR: Marlon Rubio Smith

PRODUCER: Gabby Delgado

TYPE: Student, non-union, unpaid.

COMPENSATION: Meals, credit, and a copy of the film provided.

LOGLINE: A newly-arrived Hispanic immigrant struggles with starting a new school year in the US when a language barrier and hostile social environment push them further away from the rest.

SHOOTING DATES: Nov 1st-Nov 6th



(Lead) Dani (18-21 years old, female, Hispanic) She is a newcomer to America. Forced to leave her country due to uninhabitable conditions and with little understanding of English, she is having a hard time processing this new experience at an American high school. *Must be Bilingual and have an accent in both languages.

(Supporting) Male Student (18-21, any ethnicity) Dani’s first interaction with American youth. Cool, sleek, and the type of guy who gets the teachers in the bag for a good grade.

(Supporting) Female Student (18-21, any ethnicity) Enthusiastic and extroverted girl interested in living with no regrets but will stab people in the back, if convenient.

(Supporting) ESL Student (18-21, any ethnicity) Dani’s first real connection. After going through a similar experience, a moment of vulnerability will create an unbreakable bond. *Must speak another language other than Spanish

(Day Player) Homeroom teacher (25-40, any ethnicity) A friendly, relatively new teacher, who tries to stay up to the current trends to connect with his students.

(Day Player) Science teacher (25-40, any ethnicity) An old-school teacher that does things by the book and will not tolerate minimal indiscipline.

(Day Player) Assistant Principal (30-45. any ethnicity) A committed part of the school staff that wants to keep things in order during the first, chaotic day of the school year.

(Extras) High school students (18-21, all ethnicities) Students attend their first day of school and are excited to share what they did in the summer with their friends from last year.

Please email your headshot, resume, reel, and any other materials to by Wed Oct 19th for consideration. We encourage all of the 18-22-year-old actors to apply to their desired roles and to be extras. In the subject line, use your name followed by the role you would like to audition for.

Thank you!


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