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Equal Footing Film Festival (all female festival)

The Equal Footing Female Film Festival is one of the first ever all female film festivals celebrating films made 100% by women, bringing together the best emerging female talent in the world.

Equal Footing Film Festival -- in association with HA Festival: The Art of Comedy returns on September 17-19 2021, 3 days, 6+ Venues in the San Antonio Riverwalk Area, 20+ Shows where all forms of comedy art, including stand up, sketch, variety and film, will be on display through Live Events, Livecast and Streaming. The festival is sponsored by Warner Media, AT&T, and HBO Max.

From thousands of submissions from across the country, noteworthy female filmmakers will be selected as finalists to be flown out all expenses paid to the festival in San Antonio to premiere their films -- which will be judged by Equal Footing vetted panelists.

The members of our jury are award winning artists and executives from all around the world.

Go to the festival's FilmFreeway.


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