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Film Competition Director, AFF

POSITION: Film Competition Director

START DATE: Mid-March 2021

WORK HOURS: Full time. In-person. This position does not offer any remote opportunities.

COMPENSATION: $49,000 + Benefits

ABOUT US: Austin Film Festival furthers the art and craft of storytelling by inspiring and championing the work of writers, filmmakers, and all artists who use written and visual language to tell a story.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The Austin Film Festival Film Competition Director is expected to contribute to programming efforts for year-round events, and the headline festival week. This role must also aid in efforts towards realizing the overall forward creative direction and evolution of the film department, including overall organizational goals intrinsically tied to the Austin Film Festival mission. An ideal candidate would be someone who can appeal to and fully encompass the mission directive of finding new voices within storytelling as a bedrock trait. The Film Competition Director will also work directly with the Creative Director and other creative department heads to construct overall organization vision and strategy.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Austin Film Festival Film Competition Director manages all film competitions from submissions to festival week exhibitions to filmmaker alumni relations.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:


● Marketing and outreach to potential filmmakers for the competition and events

● Manage key accounts and databases – FileMaker Pro, SQL, and FilmFreeway

● Audit payment reports and submissions


● Manage department contract staff and interns

● Program and assist with year-round screenings and events

● Recruit and manage the Film Selection Committee

● Screen films submitted to the competition

● Work with Senior Film Program Director and Executive Director to select films for competition

● Communication with filmmakers and organize filmmaker opportunities during the festival week

● Schedule and orchestrate film premieres, screenings, and Q&As


· Maintain all financial aspects of the film department, including creating budgets and keeping them in check

· Continually monitor technology

· Manage overall budget – income and expenses – and be accurately aware of staying in the black

· Work closely with programmers and production team to accommodate all necessary technical preparations, and tracking tech trends in the festival market

· Oversee all venue and equipment rentals and contractual obligations

· Manage income projection for competition, film pass sales, individual ticket sales, and filmmaker badge sales

· Sustain an active role in obtaining sponsorships and grants

· Assist in auditing

· Work with Development Director on sponsorship initiatives and be sure to always output correct sponsorship language to fulfill contractual obligations

· Manage technology planning, execution and crisis management

· Responsible for travel and transportation coordination for headliner films

· Maintain communication for Festival PR and Marketing, including red carpet coordination

· Oversee manpower during Festival


● Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field

● Database management experience

● Customer service experience


● Technical aptitude

● Excellent organizational skills

● Writing experience and general copywriting knowledge

● Experience working with, communicating, and a leading a team


● Current resume with at least three references

● Cover letter

HOW TO APPLY: Send all application materials to including the position title in the subject line.


Fill out the job application on our website.


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