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Head of Social Media for TJ's Cycle Sales

Seeking: Employee

Compensation: Hourly rate of $15 plus potential bonus

Dates Needed: ASAP

Contact Name: Aidan Johnson

Phone Number: 5128531936

Description: Head of Social Media for TJ's Cycle Sales. You will be tasked with making videos for our various social media, and creating a base of fans through video production.

I am the current head of Social Media at TJ's Cycle Sales in north Austin. I am leaving to join the military and wish to pass my position to someone else. However, no one here knows how to edit a video. I am looking for anyone who wants to have total freedom to create youtube and promotional videos for our company. It is a full time job, but you are given total creative freedom to make any videos you want. If you apply before the 13th of August, I will give whomever applies a personal lesson and overview of the company. We are a motorcycle company, but no prior knowledge is needed. You will be the head of the department and have total control. Please get back to me as soon as possible if you are interested. There is only one spot.


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