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(PAID) Editor for TV Show

Seeking: Paid Employee

Rate: $500.00

Dates Needed: This is an editing job that will begin on or about December 7th

Contact Name: Leslie Reynolds

Phone Number: 310-801-0997

Description: GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO GET NETWORK TV CREDIT. Dream Pilot Productions currently has two nationally syndicated Travel & Lifestyle shows, "Crazy in Texas, and 'Crazy in the Caribbean'. We are looking for an editor(s) that knows their stuff and can edit a 22-minute TV show. We will give you the show outline and the raw footage. We will also show you past episodes, so you'll have a format. The shows are fun and very entertaining. This will also be a great opportunity to receive editing credit for a show that's on Network TV. The money won't make you rich, but it will give you invaluable Network TV exposure for your resume. This could very easily lead to many other editing gigs! Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from some of you!


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