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(PAID) Live Event Recording/Streaming 12/04

Seeking: Paid Employee

Rate: $40/hour - approx $300 for ~7 hours (per person)

Dates Needed: Sun, December 4, 2023

Contact Name: Brent Grablachoff

Phone Number: 512-817-1333

Description: @KickingWorld on Instagram & YouTube Seeking a 3 to 5 person crew to live stream our 2022 National Showcase held at Del Valle HS’s football stadium on Sunday, December 4, 2023 from approximately 9:30am-4:00pm. Roughly 7 hours of availability and need 2 camera operators, an in-press booth director to handle the production, a switcher person to handle mics and light usage of graphics overlay during the stream, and streaming equipment to push the feed live to our channel.

Here is an example of one of our past events: And the compilation video (which I also need someone non released to the live production crew to shoot b roll, action video, and light drone usage (I have a drone) and edit a 1:30-1:45 minute length highlight of the event like this:

The live stream video production crew (3 to 5 people needed), and the creative/action video + video editing person are all paid gigs. I’m thinking something like a flat rate of $300 day rate for each person involved in the production, which comes out to approximately $40-$45/hour. The venue is outdoors but the majority of the live crew can be isolated in a quiet press box. You can view all prior year events on YouTube from 2017 through 2021 by searching “Kicking World showcase”. I was not pleased with last year’s 2021 event (which is at the same stadium this year). The example further up in this email was done very professionally and I’d like to try to get it as close to that one as possible. Also this year I think we should focus more on highlighting the top people instead of streaming the entire event verbatim, meaning take breaks from the action and use overlays to let the viewer know we will be back soon, plus it gives the crew some time to breathe and eat/drink something.

Please apply by calling me at 512-817-1333 or emailing at I’m looking forward to potentially working with you and making this a win win to hopefully give you a portfolio piece to jumpstart your film/production career!

-Brent (Head Coach & Owner of Kicking World) / @KickingWorld


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