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Theather students looking to collaborate with RTF students

Take the Wheel is looking to partner with RTF students in order to create opportunities for both our members and RTF students. Since we are primarily a theatre based organization, we have actors galore and are wanting to get them prepared with video reels that are important to the future of their career in the acting industry. Similarly we want to create opportunities for the RTF students to be able to get creative/Directing/Production credits that they can put on their resume and hopefully have work that they can present proudly. We are hoping to present these Short films after Thanksgiving break! Take the wheel can offer support in a variety of ways: We have access to the Costume stock in which we can rent out specific costumes if need be, we have access to renting out props from Texas Performing Arts if need be, we can reserve rehearsal spaces within Winship, and will take charge in getting a venue to screen these films. We also help facilitate auditions for these films! From RTF students, we are hoping to get support in ways such as: equipment needed for filming, personnel that would know how to operate the equipment during filming, and editors! We also would love to encourage y'all to submit your own scripts and take a hand in directing if you feel passionate to do so. The applications are open now! We are looking to select up to 5-6 different scripts to produce! Here is the link:


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