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Video Production Positions

Message from CEO John: ”My company just moved to Austin from San Diego. We are in video production for the construction space and we are looking for interns to get involved in our company to help us capture content in the field, create finish cuts for advertisements, and even help on our Youtube Series "The Buildsters Show". We also have 2-3 full-time positions that we are looking to fill over the next 6 months.”

Message from CSO Peter: “With our company growing everyday with new opportunities our job description is ever changing. Our first episode of our celebrity home makeover show goes live this Wednesday and will create a lot of buzz for our next episode and all other content we create. If you have not seen our promo video yet, check it out here!”

Company About Us Page:


Interested students can email Chief Sales Officer, Peter McDermott (, and Chief Marketing Officer, Derek Clelan (, with their resume.


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