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Videographer and Editor for Travel Show

Seeking: Employee

Compensation: TBD

Dates Needed: ASAP - Mid October, 2021 - Longer pending a good relationship

Contact Name: Katie Ball

Phone Number: 214-334-8488

Description: Hey RTF students! I am looking for someone to film and edit content for a series we hope to pitch to larger networks. Think self-healing travel show with a spiritual focus. I need someone to follow me to different kinds of events, workshops, 1:1 appointment with different kinds of healers, etc and video the experience. It will be filmed in a reality show format, with interviews and reflection from me, clips from my experiences and meetings with different healers and teachers, and possible follow up interviews with the teachers and healers to be used for video/podcasting content. Our mission with this series is to inspire people to wake up to their unique abilities, unlock their own gifts and see what it takes to design and lead their own lives. We are at quite a turning point in the evolution of humanity, and with this series we would like to begin to create many series of content that positively impact people and help us all to begin designing the future we were truly born to lead.... as I travel locally in Austin (and hopefully branch out to national and internationally) to uncover the coolest new tools and modalities in healing, you'll get to come along and video document the experience and have a big hand in designing how we get to tell the story to make an impact in people's lives. Please reach out with questions, I'm sure I haven't answered everything. I'm looking for someone who can be creative, think for themselves, hold a vision, and who truly loves the work that they do and added bonus if you have a sincere interest in helping humanity and reconnecting spiritually too! Thanks y'all and I hope to speak with some of you soon.

Best, Katie


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